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Kejriwal now wants to take oath on 8th Feb itself instead of 15th Feb, request sent to EC for advice

05, Feb 2015 By trishanku

New Delhi. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has now decided to take oath as the CM of Delhi on 8th February instead of 15th February that he had announced earlier.

Rehearsing already!
Rehearsing already!

When asked how he could take oath before the final declaration of the results, Mr Kejriwal explained very cogently, “Dekhiye… all the parties are saying that Delhi is suffering for want of an elected government, so it is in the interest of Delhi that a government is put in place at the earliest. You must have seen the posters that our research team has put up behind many autos in Delhi – AAP 43 seats BJP :27 seats. So we are clear winners. Even if allow the error margin of 10% in our scientific unbiased polls, based on a huge sample size of 2150, still we are the winners. Then why should Delhi continue to suffer for another one week due to the absence of an elected government. So this suggestion has been conveyed to Lieutenant Governor. We hope he will not yet again work as a BJP agent and agree to our suggestion.”

When a correspondent asked , “What would happen if the LG agrees to your suggestion and when the results are announced, AAP doesn’t get majority”, Kejriwal got furious and retorted, “Have you been paid by BJP to ask this question? You also know, we are winning and still raise doubts?”

Meanwhile, our correspondent has learnt that LG is playing safe and has forwarded Kejriwal’s letter to EC for advice.