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Kejriwal unhappy with SC verdict, says ‘could blame LG earlier for shirking duty but now we will have to work’

04, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

Supreme Court’s verdict may have put an end to the power tussle in Delhi but it has left CM Arvind Kejriwal very unhappy.

Sources say that earlier Mr. Kejriwal could point fingers at LG for not allowing them to work. But now with the SC verdict, the Delhi CM will actually have to perform his duties.

“Who says we are happy. This is counterproductive. Life was so good earlier. We could laze around on the couch inside LG’s office and say ‘Governor sahab kaam nahi karne de rahe’. But now we will have to work. This is unacceptable,” said a cabinet member who didn’t wish to be named.

A visibly upset Kejriwal was seen speaking to his cabinet colleagues and in a closed door meeting is said to be weighing his options.

“There could be a sit-in by CM outside the judge’s office till the verdict is reversed. How can LG be treated in such unjust manner. His powers to obstruct our work should be reinstated,” said a party member.

With CM Kejriwal staring at a mountain of pending workload, working overtime seems to be the only option. The thought of which could necessitate another trip to Bengaluru for health reasons.