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Kejriwal urges Kamal to enter politics, Kamal urges Kejriwal to enter movies

21, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

It was not just all politics at the meeting between Arvind Kejriwal and Kamal Hassan at the latter’s house in Chennai today. While the Delhi CM wanted Kamal Hassan to make his entry into politics, the veteran star urged Kejriwal to enter movies.

Speaking to Faking News a source close the development said, “Yes it’s true. Kamal Hassan is a fan of Kejriwalji’s acting. In fact Mr. Hassan is planning to make a sequel to Vishwaroopam with a pivotal role for Mr. Kejriwal. They discussed the script today and an official announcement will be made soon.”

Though Kamal Hassan is planning to enter politics, he does not want to break all ties with movies, which some see as a back up option in case his political venture flops.

“After his 10 day Visapassana session, Mr. Kejriwal is looking is looking a decade younger. Nothing less than a movie star. The film industry could have a star in the making,” said a political analyst.

Though Kejriwal had a short meeting today, sources say that the Delhi CM could be back after a month for a longer stay to share some acting tips with Kamal Hassan.

Our reporter tried speaking to AAP spokesperson, but there was no official confirmation and said that a final decision to enter movies will be taken by Delhi CM himself.