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Key features of the IRCTC online shop

29, Aug 2013 By idiot420

IRCTC e-commerce venture
The IRCTC shop

IRCTC has started selling more than rail and air tickets. Now they will sell apparel, electronics, and other goods. Faking News has found out some key features that differentiates the IRCTC shop from other e-commerce portals:

1. The goods will be delivered within a week, but in case of emergency, say, when you find in the morning that the toothpaste tube is empty, you can buy items under tatkal quota. You need to pay a tatkal fee and goods will be delivered within hours.

2. The delivery boys will be known as coolies and they will negotiate a delivery charge.

3. During festive seasons, there is a risk of shortage of goods due to increased demand. Users can make advance booking of items as early as 2 months from date of delivery.

4. A user cannot add more than 10 items in a single shopping cart, as it would make the website unavailable.

5. There will be online games to keep the shoppers engaged while they wait to get through the payment stage.

6. Going forward, the IRCTC shop will sell rice, wheat, and grains at highly subsidized rates. Since the UPA government claims that 40% of the population has internet connectivity and Food Security Bill covers 67% of the population, at least 7% of India has internet but is hungry.

7. Future plans also include allowing users to sell their items after deducting a commission. The lucky IRCTC users who get a tatkal railway ticket can sell those tickets and make money.