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Kids land up outside Hema Malini's house for Halloween, get a demo of Kent RO instead of candies

31, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

‘Trick or Treat’ screamed the bunch of kids who excitedly gathered outside Hema Malini’s house hoping to get their share of candies on Halloween.

But sadly for them it did not quite turn out as expected. The Bollywood actress gave the kids a demo of Kent water purifier instead.

Apparently the actress was adamant and turned a deaf ear to the persistent requests of the kids for chocolates. “Kids should be kept away from chocolates and candies. There cannot be a better treat than a demo of Kent water purifier. Kent deta hai sabse shudh paani,” she said while explaining the features of the latest model to our reporter.

The incident has divided Bollywood with many agreeing with the actress. Karan Johar however had a different view and thought Hemaji was taking her brand endorsement a bit too far. “The kids at her doorstep were not ordinary kids. They are star kids and the default passengers of my Bollywood launch vehicle. I think they deserve better treatment,” he said.