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Kim Jong-un met me in UK, asked me not to reveal his personal pictures: Lalit Modi

01, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

London: Even as media was reacting to Lalit Modi’s claim that Varun Gandhi met him in UK, came another news. Apparently, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un had a secret meeting with Lalit Modi to discuss the secrecy of the leaders personal information.

Kim Jong-un is not happy with his personal pictures going public
Kim Jong-un is not happy with his personal pictures going public

A source close to Lalit Modi spoke to Faking News on the condition of anonymity. He said, “It’s true that the North Korean leader met Lalit Modi at a hotel and discussed several issues related to his privacy. Kim Jong-un has been reading about Lalit Modi in the news paper lately and was concerned when he came to know that Lalit Modi has revealed secrets of prominent Indian Politicians on Twitter. The supreme leader wanted to ensure that his personal life is not made public and agreed to pay an undisclosed amount for it.”

However, official sources in North Korea deny of any such meeting. A spokesperson for Kim Jong Un said, “ Our supreme leader has nothing to hide and no one to fear. If he doesn’t like someone, he just executes that person. Just last week an architect was executed because our leader didn’t like the way he designed the airport. We believe that Mr. Modi is not holding any information that belongs to our leader and if he is then Kim Jong-un will take necessary action.”

Its not just Kim Jong-un but other world leaders are also knocking on ‘Lalit’s Gate’ just to be on the safe side even as foreign media dubs him as ‘Poor man’s Julian Assange’. According to unofficial sources even the Queen of England seems to have made a statement saying, “It’s shameful that I live UK and haven’t met Lalit Modi yet.”