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Kohli wondering if he should waste his aggressiveness on an Ind vs SL series

12, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Colombo. Newly appointed Indian test captain Virat Kohli though keen to make a mark as a captain from his first series as well is in dilemma if he should waste his aggressiveness while playing against Sri Lanka of all other test playing nations.

“Normally, you are at your aggressive most while playing your first series as a captain. But doing net practice or for that matter playing in Duleep Trophy brings about more aggression in me than playing against Sri Lanka,” said Kohli while looking at which in form batsmen to drop to accommodate Rohit Sharma in playing 11.

Unusually jovial Virat.
Unusually jovial Virat.

“I mean the thought of playing Sri Lanka, whom I play with more often than even my nephew doesn’t really excite even a hyper aggressive guy like me,” Kohli confessed to Faking News, “Can you fucking believe it?”

“And even if we somehow lose to them, which is highly improbable, few months down the line BCCI will again give us another series and another opportunity to make it even,” Kohli went on to argue in defense of his thought.

“So, I might as well hold my aggressiveness for some Indian journalist rather than Lankans,” he added, as he saw a news channel running a byte on his and Anushka’s latest dinner at a restaurant.

Meanwhile former Test captain MS Dhoni claims that though he can understand Kohli’s pain, but with him it was completely opposite.

“I was able to maintain cool against all other oppositions. But the mere thought of series against Lanka would send my BP soaring,” Dhoni disclosed as Ravindra Jadeja tried to make him laugh by showing his batting videos against fast bowlers.