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After Learning about terms and conditions from customer care while registering product complaint, man becomes contracts manager

11, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

It was one of those strange incidents for Mumbai based Shwetank Srivastava when he tried calling Airtel customer care for numerous times to complain for call drops. But never did he realize that he will get a shocker of lifetime. Yes, Shwetank has changed his profession from being a sales manager to Contracts and legal manager at a law firm.


The transition phase started when Shwetank started speaking to the customer care executive. The ironical part is that Shwetank din’t get much to speak as the executive went on and on and on explaining the terms and conditions to be followed while registering a complaint. The list was way too long, in fact lengthier than any list Shwetank had heard of before. Every condition had a sub condition and many clauses. The executive explained all conditions in detail, the type of details only expected out of lawyers or legal managers.

The good thing about the call is that Shwetank forgot about the problem he had before and now is a changed person, now he helps clients deal with many clauses and contractual negotiations  in day to day dealings. Shwetank has even published a book on various terms and conditions which the Indian companies follow. This book is bound to help people dealing with any product/service related problems and are not aware of what a customer care executive will convey to them. Meanwhile the customer service executive who was responsible for handling the complain in the most professional manner has now dealt with 100 such complains and has been awarded by Airtel as the most effective and efficient employee in the organization.