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Leopard who moved into IIT Bombay had no mating partner, wanted to hang out with bachelors

23, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Frustrated by taunts of his already committed friends, a “single” leopard named Chiteshwar, escaped from jungle and entered IIT Bombay campus to live with like-minded animals.

Single and happy.

Unlike other leopards, Chiteshwar claims to be a “thinking leopard” and doesn’t mind being single.

“It is not like I don’t want to get into a relationship. I am bit shy, and socially awkward with female leopards. But that doesn’t mean my friends make fun of me!” argued Chiteshwar, while trying to convince college authorities to let him stay in the campus.

To further impress the authorities, Chiteshwar also flaunted his good IQ level by telling them the difference between a male and a female leopard.

Chiteshwar is hoping that a good IQ level coupled with his inability to be comfortable with opposite sex is surely going to help him prolong his stay inside campus at one of the boy’s hostels.

“I am loving the hostel environment, and it’s feeling like home away from home!” Chiteshwar said after meeting a few students in hostel who hadn’t taken bath for last few weeks.

Cheetah bhi daily nahi nahata,” he quipped.

Following his revelations, students at IIT are supporting the leopard. “He is one of us,” said Amit, a second year electrical engineering student, “We will benefit from his animal spirits.”

“If we are going to turn our back on Chiteshwar, then who in this brutal world would help him?” a sympathetic Amit pleaded further, “By end of the college, he could get placed in one of the circuses, like rest of us.”