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Light drizzle starts in Nagpur as ICC announces maximum matches of 2023 world cup will be held there

13, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Nagpur. It has started drizzling in Nagpur and people are happy that they have got some respite from the rains. The IMD has patted its back for predicting the right date and time for the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra. But credit should actually go to the ICC for announcing that maximum matches of 2023 world cup will be held in Nagpur.


ICC actually was deciding on the itinerary for the next world cup as this world cup is already a flop with maximum matches being washed out. But its really shocking that Nagpur started receiving rains as soon as the announcement was made.

It is not a coincidence, there may be a superpower which wants ODI cricket to be banned totally and that is the reason all IC matches are getting washed out. Authorities of Satara, Aurangabad, Churu have requested the ICC to keep some matches in these cities so that they can also receive much rainfall and a much-needed respite from the dry and inhuman conditions.