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LK Advani to be given the official charge of being unhappy

17, May 2014 By ballkey

New Delhi. The soon to-be-sworn-in Narendra Modi government achieved a coup of sorts by allocating the coveted office of Chief Unhappiness Officer (CUO) to Lal Krishna Advani, the Bhishma Pitamah of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

LK Advani
Advani expressing his happiness.

The prestigious post, being vacated by the erstwhile CUO Sonia Gandhi, has been instrumental in communicating several instances of unhappiness during times of popular discontent.

The post has been given statutory authority now, which allows the CUO to express unhappiness every Friday. The equally prestigious post of actually conveying the unhappiness, has been allocated to Smt. Sushma Swaraj, who was reported to be strongly against this post as well.

The outgoing communications officer Shri Ahmed Patel, reported for one last time that Madam Sonia Gandhi was unhappy with these turn of events, and wished that such privileges should not be given statutory authority as it would undermine the office of the Prime Minister.

The outgoing Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh did not have any comments to offer on this crucial appointment.