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Local paanwala releases list of documents required to buy cigarette on credit

11, Jul 2014 By bwoyblunder

With the taxes on cigarettes going up, smoking has become an expensive vice. And for those who fulfill their daily quota of smoke on credit, life might just get harder. Hence paan cum cigarette walas have started asking the following documents from customer before selling cigarettes on credit:

Cigarette showroom.

1. PAN card: As proof of Identity

2. Three years’ income tax return: As proof of income. Cigarette sellers want to know your creditworthiness based on your annual income.

3. ECS (electronic clearing service) option form: For smokers who often default on their payment, ECS option has been provided whereby an auto debit to the smokers account will recover dues.

4. A loan agreement: Thanks to increase in cigarette prices, credit lines for cigarettes may run into thousands of rupees. Hence loan agreements will need to be executed to prove that you owe your local cigarette vendor.

5. Your will: Chain smokers run the risk of dying of lung cancer before they settle their dues. Hence, cigarette sellers are now insisting on wills to be sure that they will be paid from the assets left behind by the deceased smoker.