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Low BP patient advised more political news by the doctor

10, Jan 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Rahul who is having low BP for some time visited Dr. P Seshadri, a well-known cardiologist.

Dr. Seshadri measured Rahul’s BP and then went through various test reports.


After talking to Rahul on his current life style, Dr. Seshadri understood where is the problem. Rahul just needed bit of political news in his life. He wrote on the prescription 2N – 2A – 2R for one month.

Looking at confused Rahul, Dr. Seshadri said, “Rahul, you do not need any medicine. Just a bit of life style change will do good for you. Here N means NDTV, A means Aaj Tak and R means Republic TV. Just watch 2 hours of the recommended channels after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Come after one month, I am sure by then your BP will be fine”.

Dr. Seshadri told Rahul, “Instead of NDTV or Aaj Tak, you can choose some other channels. There are many other good channels in the market which provides ample amount of political news adding their own twists and turns. Just make sure you watch some channel”.

Dr Seshadri emphasized to Rahul, Republic TV shows, the ones Arnab anchors in the evening is a must see. He should not miss a second of that.

On Rahul’s query, why Arnab is a must, Dr. Seshadri told, “Arnab has a proven track record. There are many low BP patients Arnab has cured single handedly only through his shows. He has the widest range of panelists, best voice and best noise. Normally as a country we are never short on political news. On lull days, if our political spectrum does not create anything, Arnab rises above the ‘ordinary’ and finds his stories. He is simply the best, no one can ignore him”.

After a month Rahu’s BP went above normal. Dr. Seshadri reduced the dosage to 1 hour each to bring it to normal.