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Mamata Banerjee pardons Tapas Pal after he promises to wear blue jeans and white shirt for a month

01, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Kolkata. TMC MP Tapas Pal, who was earlier caught on tape threatening to let loose rapists on his opposition, has been pardoned by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee after he promised to wear blue jeans and white shirt for a month.

Tapas was well aware of the fact that Mamata had a soft corner for blue and white color in her heart, and he capitalized on the same to get away with his controversial statement.

Tapas Pal
Tapas Dada!!

A close aide of Tapas Pal revealed that, considering what Tapas had done, Mamata Banerjee was not ready to settle with anything less than 2 months.

“Initially as self-punishment, Tapas made the offer to wear blue and white for 15 days, but Didi started with a 3 months promise. However, after an hour of bargaining, Tapas Dada finally cracked the deal by promising to wear blue jeans and white shirt for a month,” disclosed the close aide on condition of anonymity.

For a change, Tapas is even allowed to wear blue shirt and white pants, once in a week.

One being asked, if the disciplinary action was really going to bring any change in Tapas, Mamata sounded very hopeful. “Blue and white signifies happiness; wearing it continuously for a month is certainly going to cool him down,” she replied.

Meanwhile, Tapas was spotted at a shopping mall in Kolkata buying dozens of blue and white clothes. Reportedly, in the process he even beat a couple of salesmen with the ‘maal’ (revolver) which he was carrying.