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Man alienated in office for having not cracked even a single GST joke

09, Jul 2017 By RT

Mumbai: A man of mid thirties was alienated by his office colleagues for having not cracked a single joke on GST, since implementation. Even his lunchtime friends have disowned him and started to visit the dining area without him, it is learnt by Faking News.


“Since the launch of GST, everyone in the office has an opinion on the new tax. A remark, a quip, a critical comment, a blatant attack, a word of praise or a hilarious joke. When this guy kept quite without saying anything, we have been very concerned. We asked him explicitly a couple of times and he kept to himself. This is not normal behaviour and we want to keep our distance” one of the colleagues told Faking News.

“Murthy always has been a quick-witted and highly opinionated about everything that happens in office and outside office. He even talked about the IND-WI series. When GST was launched, we looked upto him to crack a series of jokes. If not full fledged jokes, at least to come up with funny expansions for GST. Our Murthy, who is almost as smart as the guy in air conditioning advertisement, is behaving like an alien now” another colleague and a close friend told Faking News.

“I really have nothing to say about this GST. To begin with, I do not understand the full implications of GST and what it means to a common man. I make a simple living and will continue to operate normally. I buy only essential things. If it becomes less costly due to GST, I am happy. If it becomes more costly, I will try to cut down on the usage to keep things within budget. It is as simple as that” Murthy revealed the simplest of approaches towards GST to Faking News reporter.

‘Good Selfie Tax’, our reporter heard someone say out loud, on his way out from Murthy’s office.