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Man applies for Indian Origin Certificate after achieving something in USA

24, Aug 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Detroit, USA. Ronald Donald, a 23-year-old jobless man who came third in the local reality show “Who Will Bite The Dog” has applied for a PIO card so that his achievements are discussed in the Indian media.

Donald, or his parents, or his even grandparents have never visited India, but they have somehow managed to trace a distant relative with Indian roots.

Ronald showcasing his talent.

With documentation to prove this relationship, Donald has approached Indian embassy requesting at least an “Indian Origin Certificate” for himself, if a PIO card was a big ask.

“Namaste!” Donald told Faking News to prove his Indian roots.

After clarifying that he loved Taj Mahal and also knew about Sachin Tendulkar, Donald handed a Press Release to this reporter that he wanted the Indian media to publish.

“Indian origin man shines in US reality show” was the title of the press release. Donald is confident that such a headline will be published by each and every newspaper and broadcast by every news channel back in India.

“I also have video clips that have good visuals like dogs jumping over me, and a few American ladies in bikinis too,” the young man underlined the other newsworthy factors of his achievements.

While the Indian embassy has rejected his application, latest reports suggest that a news agency in India has filed the report and Ronald Donald is all set to become well known in India.