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Man arrested for not updating "is watching Furious -7" status on Facebook

06, Apr 2015 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Ahmedabad. 25 year old movie-freak name Filmesh Theateriya was booked today by local police for not updating his Facebook status “is watching Furious-7”. The said arrest was made under Section 66A of the Outformation Technology Act.

Since the movie FF-7 has released in India, 9 out of 10 Facebook status updates have been around ‘watching the film at so and so multiplex’.

'you gotta watch this one to avoid arrests'
‘you gotta watch this one to avoid arrests’

Officials after arresting Filmesh said, “Jo cheez zyadatar log karte hai, who sabhi logon ke liye anivaarya ban jaati hai. Jaise ke Bhrashtachaar. Theek isi tarah film dekh kar Facebook update karna bhi anivaarya hai. Iska paalan nahi karne par gunha banta hai.

Faking News team pointed the officials the recent Supreme Court judgement that overruled Section 66A. In reply to which, the officials said “The Apex Court has overruled the provisions of Section 66A, which dealt with one’s deeds on the internet domain. Here we have made the arrest for ‘not doing’ something on the internet domain. Therefore, our action is well in line with the legality.”

Filmesh, from behind of the bars told Faking News, “Even I have watched the movie in theater and I was also trying hard to update my Facebook Status, but because of the IIN network, I could not post the same.”

Meanwhile Facebook too is contemplating deleting Filmesh’s account for violating socially acceptable norms.