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Man being blackmailed over the e-mail ID he created during school days

08, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Ramesh, a 25 years old IT professional is allegedly being blackmailed by his school time friend Suresh, who is threatening to leak his first email ID, which he created in boyhood.

“I created my first email id when I was in class 8. Like every normal tennager’s id at that time, my id was as creative as found in Yahoo chatrooms. But I never thought that this bachpan ki galti would become a nightmare for me,” said Ramesh while talking to Faking News.

Ashamed of past

As per Ramesh, Suresh is the only other person who still remembers that Ramesh is the same guy who was active online as “”.

“Now, 10 years down the line, Suresh is threatening to reveal my first email id in public and in order to keep his mouth shut, he is asking for favours,” Ramesh revealed, “We have 180 mutual friends, all it needs is one Facebook status update by him to destroy my hard earned reputation as a thinker and an activist.”

Afraid of public humiliation and shame, for past two months, every Friday night, Ramesh is buying Suresh one bottle of beer.

But last night, Ramesh’s patience broke after Suresh demanded a plate of chicken lollypop too along with a bottle of Budweiser. It’s then the activist Ramesh decided to do something to end this exploitation.

“I have managed to get love letters written by Suresh to his crush, Pinki, in class 9. She is still his crush. He had used red nail polish to write that letter,” Ramesh disclosing his counter attack plan.