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Man claims to have actually lifted Taj Mahal from its tip while getting clicked

16, Nov 2014 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Agra. In what could be a major blow to King Kong, a measly man from China, named Juang Han has claimed that he actually lifted the Taj Mahal while posing for a picture in front of it in the clichéd hold-the-landmark-from-its-tip style.

“What started as a fun pose turned very real when I could feel myself lifting the world’s first wonder single-handedly,” said Han, who is on a week-long trip to India.

Taj Mahal
It’s really easy.

To further justify his claim, Han added that he could hear cries of panic coming from the Taj Mahal for all the seven continuous seconds he was holding the historic symbol of love in the air.

“I could hear people inside the monument screaming as if they were being rocked by an earthquake. Certainly they were not saying ‘cheese!’ like me! ”

Han’s revelation has taken the Indian tourism industry by storm, with the number of tourists visiting the Taj Mahal rising significantly over the last few days.

Meanwhile, the incident has also sparked off a debate in the culturally sensitive state of UP, with the head of the regional cultural committee demanding an immediate apology from Han for his ‘baseless words which have gravely disrespected the Mughal memorial.’

An official probe has been launched into the matter, and the alleged spot where Han stood for the picture has been sealed.

In a press conference, the local police inspector, Chandu Yadav, known for his love for paan and pun said, “Though it is seems a highly irrational and irresponsible statement on part of Mr. Han, we’re not ‘framing’ any charges against him as such.”