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Man clicks on festive offer ad online, buys island by mistake

11, Nov 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: A bored software engineer in Gurgaon became the first Indian to purchase an island after he clicked an ad that said “Unbeatable festive offer” online. In a strange twist, the small island, located somewhere to the south of the Lakshwadeep islands, happened to be owned by the same company he worked for.

Ad banner
The banner he clicked was something like this

However, Mangat Ram, a trainee engineer at ABC Software, was none too pleased with the development.

“They tell me I can pay off the cost of the island in six lakh easy EMIs,” he said, looking shell-shocked, “What could I have done? The ad was so shiny and bright and this really cute looking girl in the ad kept asking me questions, which I don’t really remember. I just kept clicking on ‘Yes’.”

“We were buying a lot of assets before the Lehmann crisis of 2008 and just could not offload all of them like this island,” a senior HR executive for the company said, in a telephonic interview with this Faking News reporter, “Plus, earlier this year we realized that most of our employees were spending their time on Facebook or Cricinfo or Faking News instead of actually working. So we customized an online ad targeted on our company servers to offload the island.”

“The employee in question is a trainee engineer and has been offered a Pay 20% now and rest on possession scheme,” the HR executive added, “As the click on the ad is a binding contract, we realize that the employee will have to work for us for 20,000 years to pay off the installments for purchasing the island. So we have allowed him to lease us his progeny so that they might work for us for the 20,000 man years required to purchase the island.”