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Man decides to do PhD on whether Dove is better or Milk

16, Mar 2018 By Vaibhav Anand

Bhubaneshwar: Reports coming in from IIT Bhubaneshwar campus have confirmed that an engineer has decided to research an eternally burning question on Television – the effectiveness of Dove versus Milk.

PHD results are awaited!
PHD results are awaited!

Tadapit Kumar, an IIT Bhubaneshwar graduate, has apparently taken the unprecedented step of giving up on his campus placement and deciding to a PhD.

“I have been seeing all these ads comparing Dove and milk ever since I was a little boy,” Tadapit said to this Faking News reporter, “so much so that I once added Dove to my Bournvita instead of milk in 12th standard.”

“Anyway, after I got discharged from the hospital,” Tadapit continued, “I started preparing really hard for JEE and never got time to consider the question. Now that I have almost passed out of my four year course here, I finally have the time to go back to my first love… Dove vs. Milk.”

“I have already approached about 50 women asking them to apply milk on one side of their face and Dove on the other,” Tadapit said, “All of them slapped me. I am wondering if there is a scientific reason behind this.”