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Man develops new software that helps generate the same story for every Telugu film

17, Sep 2014 By chaitu

Hyderabad. Chaitu, a 24 years old software engineer has developed a new software that generates same different stories for Telugu movies. This has done away the need to spend money on scriptwriters.

Uniquely same!
Uniquely same!

After spending countless years on trying to find the differences in the concept of Telugu films, Chaitu finally gave up to find the differences but rather decided to develop a new software which would generate an old new story.

Talking about his new software, Chaitu went on to say, “Formula is simple. Just like you substitute different numbers in a Mathematics formula; you have to add different characters here and the rest is same. My story formula follows the standard template of Telugu movies. Hero introduction fight, 6 unsituational songs, Brahmanandam comedy, hero’s flashback in second half, and a climax fight. The rest can be additional according to the hero’s image.”

Further explaining about the additional services provided with the software, Chaitu went on to say, “Customer services of the software includes the number of views on YouTube and also raging war against negative comments. The customer care executives would be working on behalf of different heroes. As the executives themselves are the fans of the heroes, they would connect emotionally to the anti-comment and reply accordingly.”

After hearing this news, Salman, Akshay and Ajay Devgan’s fans were pretty excited. Chaitu, who is an avid fan of Bhai himself, declared that he was ready to sell this product at a reasonable price to Salman Khan. Chaitu further commented, “Instead of buying remake rights from Telugu producers, all they have to do is purchase our software.”