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Man fails to post his resignation on Facebook, denied release from his current job

03, Sep 2014 By newsfaker

Hyderabad. A man known for posting everything on the Facebook, has been denied release from his current job when his employer did not find any Facebook status update announcing his resignation from the job during  his entire notice period.

The company has further threatened that they will not process his
The company has further threatened that they will not process his “full and final” claim.

“It all began when he posted about his joining our organisation on his wall,” his reporting manager told Faking News.

“He later made friends with most of our employees. His superiors used to check his status update to know if he was working on a particular day. His attendance and holidays were recorded from his Facebook status updates. He even made friends with some of our clients,” the manager went on to reveal.

The manager was of the opinion that his not posting a status on Facebook about his resignation would lead to him stealing information from clients on Facebook, who would think he still worked for his previous company.

When the manager reportedly confronted the man, whose identity is being kept private unlike his status updates, the employee argued that Facebook was only about connecting with people, making friends, and increasing your social circle.

“Just as there is no ‘dislike’ button, posting about parting ways with someone is against the spirit of Facebook,” he argued.