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Man feels cheated after getting only 250 gm of mobile phone after spending 40000 rupees

04, Dec 2014 By Appurv Gupta

New Delhi. In a shocking incident a city based IT Engineer filed a case against Samsung for getting only 1 pau (250 gms) of phone after spending more than 40 thousand rupees.

He felt cheated and thought in this amount he should have at least got 1 kg of phone.

“I am feeling very depressed with the way Samsung is treating their customers,” the IT engineer told Faking News.

He was expecting a phone like this
He was expecting a phone like this

“I get at least 2-4 kgs of vegetables along with dhaniya, pudina by paying than Rs.100,” he argued, “And here I have shelled 40000 , but still weight of the phone is barely crossing 25o gms.”

His wife too seemed shocked and ripped Samsung apart for this act of theirs.

“I gave him a huge Shakti Bhog Atta ka thaila to get the phone and even had a truck on standby in case the weight turned out to be over our expectations but when he came back he had the phone in his pocket. I mean how can you cheat this much?” she screamed.

The couple were however happy that the size of the phone was bigger, because some other phones in the same range were not even 5 inches long.

But unhappy with the weight, they have decided to sue Samsung and are seeking damages worth 50 kgs of SSD and SDRAM.

Meanwhile an iPhone user from the city wants Apple to further reduce the weight of their latest phone to about 50 gms.

“Or if they want to maintain the current weight, they should hike the price to at least INR  2 lakhs,” he demanded, arguing that Apple must keep its positioning different from others.