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Man files RTI to find if Yogi Adityanath brushed his teeth as no media house reported it last week

16, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. A 28-year-old man from Kanpur has filed an RTI application for a very bizarre reason. He wants to know if the CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Yogi Adityanath brushed his teeth last week. 

The applicant, Umesh Yadav decided to file the application after he failed to know the complete routine of UP’s newly elected CM. Several media houses have been reporting 24*7 routine of Adityanath, which toothpaste he uses, which soap, shaving cream or foam or gel. However on Sunday 7th May, leading media houses missed reporting his pre-breakfast schedule due to other slightly more important events in the country like Sunny Leone’s fan interaction.  maxresdefault

On 7th May, famous Bollywood star Sunny Leone went live on her social media account to answer the questions from her fans. That was the time when all media house started covering her, not literally, and missed out on Adityanath. Umesh Yadav tried several ways to find it out. He in fact tried to trespass CM house, but he got caught when he was hiding behind a cow and cow vigilante passed by. According to sources, Umesh didn’t brush his teeth since then. We wanted to cover more details by meeting Umesh but our over hygienic reporter Shalini has refused to talk to Umesh, even on the phone.   

Umesh Yadav has always been interested in lifestyle of politicians, he follows all the famous politicians on various social networking sites. Faking News reporter spoke to Umesh’s Father Ram Prakash. Ram Prakash said “Umesh not just follows Yogi Adityanath he lives his life. Umesh has been so curious about politicians’ life that when he was 5 years old, he asked what they eat. I replied “ghoos khaate hain saale sab“, hearing this Umesh left home. Initially, we thought it’s because he is disappointed, but 5 years old Umesh didn’t know the meaning of the word “ghoos” and left home in pursuit of ghoos”.  

Umesh’s friends are also worried about his behavior. They say Umesh’s passion for politics will either make him a leader or insane or both. His friend, Irfan said “Umesh has a deep understanding of politics but when Adityanath was made CM he got shocked since he didn’t even consider him, he didn’t speak for hours. We took him to doctor who asked him to get his MRI done, and then Umesh spat out his gutkha and said bevkoof samjhe hai ka bey humey“.

 Did Yogi Adityanath brush his teeth on 7th May ? It will always remain a mystery.