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Man finds pizza in box of cockroaches

06, Jun 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. In a shocking incident, a man found a slice of pizza delivered to him along with a box of cockroaches that he had originally ordered for.

25-year-old Ajayendar Gautam was filled with horror and anger when he opened the box of cockroaches that he intended to gift to his girlfriend Yami Reddy.

Only one of the 200 cockroaches delivered appeared in healthy state

“Ridiculous service and pathetic packaging,” Ajayendar complained about Comino’s, the leading cockroach delivery company.

Ajayendar had ordered a set of 200 cockroaches to impress his girlfriend tonight, but now he’s wondering what he will do with what he has got.

“The cockroaches are all smelling like corn and capsicum and they are not even moving, most probably they ate all the cheese and are feeling lazy now. I’m not sure if Yami will get scared and cling on to me in fear once I unleash them onto her,” the romantic young man rued.

When asked why did he order cockroaches even though most relationship experts and doctors advise against those, Ajayendar said that he was impressed with the TV ads where he was promised fast delivery.

“Delivered within 30 minutes, or all the cockroaches free!” he revealed why he settled for cockroaches even though Yami loves roses.

Yami was not available for comment, but she is available for new relationship, latest reports suggest.