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Man habituated of being jealous of everyone, now jealous of a dog for having a nice curly tail

16, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Jwala Prasad, a man habituated of being jealous with almost everyone he meets and sees, is now jealous of his neighbor’s dog Bojo, because Bojo has a nice curly and hairy tail.

Jwala’s latest target.

Although Jwala had no such desire of having a tail earlier in his life, after seeing Bojo’s magnificent tail and his growing popularity in the neighborhood, he started despising him. And now he is even mulling over the idea of growing a tail.

“Once I offered him a biscuit, but he ran away. I was shocked by his attitude! That bloody dog thinks that he is a star, but I am a bigger star than him!” Jwala couldn’t conceal his feelings for Bojo when Faking News asked about what he thought of the dog.

The 37-year-old met a plastic surgeon yesterday to discuss the possibility of creating a hairy tail for himself. “I want to give that Bojo a befitting reply,” he said.

Jwala has even asked his wife to put a chain around his neck and take him out for walk in the evening, once he gets the new tail.

According to his wife, Jwala has been always jealous of anyone with whom he was even remotely familiar. “My in-laws say he grew up being jealous of his teacher’s son while he is always staring at wives of his friends,” she disclosed.

Meanwhile, doctors have expressed their inability to grow a similar tail on Jwala’s body. Reportedly, after hearing that, an upset Jwala is planning to kidnap Bojo and burn his tail.

Bojo refused to comment on such trivial issue.