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Habituated of peeping into other’s phone in local train, man realizes after 2 days that he lost his own phone somewhere

13, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai’s suburban Railway Network is considered the lifeline of the maximum city as it covers at least 319 kilometres across three corridors. And the rush during peak hours is almost unimaginable and huge. The peak hour rush makes people do weird things like experiencing body massage at a free cost, Exercise of the hands and shoulders while putting luggage on the top deck. But what Sanil Jain did on Monday is the weirdest one in the history of Mumbai local. Due to too much crowd, Sanil was always habituated of peeping into someone else’s phone. This was not borne out of interest but out of compulsion. The rush, which hardly leaves space for a human being, can never accommodate a phone properly so your phone is always close to the eyes of some stranger.


Sanil had developed the habit of reading all messages, emails, WhatsApp chats and almost everything on some stranger’s mobile screen. He had even watched many movies for free due to this weird habit. He definitely used to feel awkward while reading personal chats of people but then closing your eyes for a long time is also impossible. So what Sanil did was more of an unintentional crime rather than an intentional one. He even knew the passwords of many people’s Facebook account, net banking, and other digital applications, though he never used them.

It was only yesterday, that Sanil found the consequences of such weird habit are immense. Sanil had lost his phone two days ago but as he was never using his own phone in the local train, he failed to recognize the mishappening. Yesterday when his family members realized that Sanil had not used the phone for past 2 days, he realized that he had dropped it somewhere. Though a complaint has been registered in the nearest police station, chances of police actually finding the phone are as bleak as the chances of Sail using his own phone in the past 2-3 years.