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Man in depression after nobody ripped off his shirt while playing Holi

17, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Rangeela Tiwari, a man in his late twenties went into depression after none of his close friends ripped off his shirt while playing Holi. Rangeela had high hopes from his pals, who betrayed him by just rubbing color on his cheeks.

Holi festivities
Couldn’t get a picture remotely similar to this

“I was all set with my 5 years old shirt and was expecting a more vigorous display of emotions. But they behaved so formally that I got a feeling of being a stranger. It was so humiliating,” said an emotional Rangeela recounting early hours of the day.

“Going by the social standards, it was looking as if I did not play Holi,” he added.

Intact shirt apart, Rangeela was further saddened with his face being not smeared with deepest of the colors making him unrecognizable.

He couldn’t take it anymore when the celebrations ended within an hour, sending Rangeela into depression.

“He was upset that such behavior by friends left him with Holi photos that were ‘ordinary’. He was so shocked he didn’t even try bhaang, which might have given him some good photos,” Rangeela’s younger brother Guddu told Faking News.

Later, to calm himself, dejected Rangeela got drunk, tore down his own shirt, clicked a selfie and uploaded it on Facebook with caption, “Having fun. Happy Holi.”