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Man mysteriously regains lost calories after forgetting to post his workout on Facebook

18, May 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon. A software engineer working for an IT major in Gurgaon recently forgot to post his workout on Facebook and happened to regain his lost calories.

Tadapit learnt the lesson the hard way
Tadapit learnt the lesson the hard way

Mysteriously, the post about his regaining the calories did appear on Facebook, causing Tadapit to face widespread social embarrassment and ridicule – in his own words, “making me feel like Rahul Gandhi must feel everyday.”

“Most times, I don’t even work out,” Tadapit said earnestly, in an interview with this Faking News reporter. “I just post that I ran for five kilometres or lost five hundred calories to impress girls, using my smartphone. But this time, I had actually worked out as I was being chased by a rabid dog for a kilometre or so.”

“I had switched on my calorie tracker app right after I stepped on the dog’s tail,” he said explaining his modus operandi.

“I was so depressed when my workout did not appear on Facebook that I ate three burgers and drank two large glasses of Coke,” Tadapit added. “I still have no clue why I regained those calories.”