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Man rediscovers his family members after internet gets disconnected for few hours 

14, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

It was an emotional reunion for Bengaluru based techie Ranjit Nair as he came face to face to his family members thanks to his internet getting disconnected. Ranjit, who initially screamed at the strangers in his house, later discovered that they were his parents.

More than just happy to meet his family, Ranjit said, “Without the internet I was forced to look up from my smartphone and was shocked to see these strangers in my house. This man and woman claimed that they were my parents. But I don’t remember when I saw them last. I was convinced only after they showed me the family album. I could hardly control my tears after I saw the pics.”

After the reunion the Nair family spent hours looking at the pics and recollecting old times. “This may probably last for a few more hours till the internet comes back. But it feels good to spend time with you family,” he added.

It didn’t take long for Ranjit to share his reunion post on Facebook, which got a million likes and also managed to inspire others to ‘rediscover their friends, families and relatives’.

Apparently, the makers of Baghban are planning a sequel based on Ranjit’s story where internet outage brings the family together.

Though Ranjit was clueless about the sequel, he revealed that he be happy to have such chance meetings in future too and is ready to pay his service provider to turn off the internet connection once in a while.