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Man remembers name of the brother of husband of wife’s best friend; felicitated with Bharat Ratna

20, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: A software engineer based out of Delhi was felicitated with the Bharat Ratna by the outgoing UPA government for being capable of remembering  name of the brother of husband of wife’s best friend.

The incident came to light after the wife of Tadapit Kumar – the engineer in question – posted a celebratory post on her Facebook page, alleging that Tadapit had managed to remember the name of the person in question.

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The post got liked by Rahul Gandhi, who was (reportedly) connecting with the youth and women on Facebook, and thereafter led to the nation’s highest honour being quickly bestowed upon her husband by Congress partymen eager to please Mr. Gandhi.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! He remembered the name of Swati’s husband’s brother! In seventh heaven!” read the post which led to the Bharat Ratna.

When interviewed by this Faking News reporter, Priya Kumar – the proud wife – said, rather gleefully, “Normally, he doesn’t even remember Swati’s name and asks me ‘Who is Swati?’ whenever I say I am going to meet Swati. But today he even remembered Kunal’s name! I just posted it on Facebook but had no clue it would also lead to this Bharat Ratna. Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Tadapit, however, shrugged nonchalantly when asked how he had managed to remember the name in question. “I dunno… But I am happy about the Bharat Ratna. Now I’ll ask Chadhha, my boss, to finally give me a raise!”