Monday, 6th April, 2020


Man running to catch Mumbai local found to be faster than Buffalo racer and Usain Bolt, gets invite from Sports Authority

17, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Buffalo racer Srinivasa Gouda, whose video went viral on social media for beating Usain Bolts record, has been upstaged by a Mumbai man.


A bank employee from Borivili who commutes daily to Churchgate for work, has been found to be faster than both buffalo-racer and Usain Bolt.

While running to catch the local train to Churchgate,  the man covered a distance of 100m in mere 9 seconds, trumping previously held record by Bolt.

The video showing the man entering platform no.1 from the north end and getting into the compartment even as the train was catching speed, made its way to social media and immediately went viral.

Sports Authority now wants the man to train at their facility and in future represent the country in track and field event.

Not everyone was impressed though. Daily commuters say that such things are a regular feature in Mumbai. “If Sports Authority officials travel in Mumbai local, they might even spot the next boxing champion,” said a commuter who didn’t wish to be named.