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Man spends weekend charging & discharging his laptop

18, Nov 2013 By kachcha_khiladi

Bangalore. Bejan Gadgetwala, a software techie from Austin Town area spent his weekend in a rather strange way. Bejan, known for being an outgoing person chose to waste spend the weekend with his mac book air for a change.

Bejan maintained this pose for record 48 hours.
Bejan maintained this pose for record 48 hours.

In an exclusive interview to faking news, Bejan said, “It was the most amazing weekend I had after a long time.  For the past few weeks I was going on road trips and watching movies in theaters. But this weekend, I experienced nothingness something  my yoga teacher told  me you experience during Shavasana .”

“I was just lying flat on my back with laptop on my stomach  watching you tube videos and browsing internet. Only time I got up was when my laptop flashed ‘5% remaining, plug charger for further use’. That’s when I rose like the Dark Knight, searching frantically for my charger and saving my beautiful Gotham (laptop)  from shutdown. It was by far the greatest challenge I faced in my life for two continuous days.This happened so many times during the day and I already feel exhausted. It was a great ab crunching workout though and I can feel my abs popping out,” Bejan revealed pointing to his abs.

But a greater challenge lies ahead as Bejan has ordered a Kindle, iPad and a new iPhone. What remains to be seen is if Bejan will be able to  manage  the various network of wires which come with these gadgets as it could be something beyond Kirchoff’s nodal analysis.