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Man stops setting alarm as he wakes up by 100s of good morning messages on WhatsApp groups

31, Mar 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

People nowadays are habituated with being awake till late night as they can’t let their hands off their smartphones even for a little while. But thanks to smartphones, people don’t have to worry about missing their morning schedule as the alarm feature is very helpful. But recently a new feature has taken over from alarms in waking up people. A Mumbai man found out that 100s of good morning messages on different WhatsApp groups are enough to wake him up, and he doesn’t need the help of alarms anymore.


We are talking about Mr. Shwetank Jain who works for a MNC in Mumbai and has to report to office at 9 AM in the morning. There was a time when he used to miss his morning meetings, and he had the snooze button to blame.

But not anymore. Shwetank is active present on many WhatsApp groups, some in which he was added forcefully by people. But never had he realized that these irritating groups would be of some help to him someday.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Shwetank and he had this to say, “Right from 6 AM in the morning, I start getting good morning messages on my phone. Most of the messages are sent by people whom I don’t even know. The messages are in the form of texts, images, videos, gifs and what not. I am present on 57 WhatsApp groups and each group has on an average 8-9 persons, so imagine the number of messages I get. We have some very punctual members in some groups. In one of the groups, there is a person named Sanil who sends a GM message at 6:37 AM precisely. Do you think I need an alarm after all this?”

Many people who used to think that these groups are irritating will really get a shocker after reading this article. My advice to those people would be that kindly start replying to these good morning messages or else the initiators will start leaving the groups and you will have to fall back upon your regular alarm.