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Man takes lift from Domino's delivery man, reaches airport in 30 minutes

07, Jan 2015 By nosuchperson

Bangalore. Late for his flight and betrayed by the cab company, Vijay Devgn, a local businessman based out of the city, was having the worst day of 2015. His flight to Kolkata was scheduled to take off from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore at 12.05 pm.

Racing against time!
Racing against time!

At 10.15 am, after an hour of waiting for his pre-booked GolaCab car, Vijay lost all hope. The commute from the city to the airport would take a minimum of two hours. There was no way he’d make it to the airport on time.

A dejected Vijay gave up waiting for the cab and was walking back home when he spotted a Domino’s Pizza outlet with a big sign that read “Delivery in 30 minutes or FREE.”

Suddenly, an idea struck him. He called them up and ordered a pizza and a coke and asked for it to be delivered to the airport. Within 5 mins, he saw a Delivery person load his order onto his bike. Vijay ran to him and asked for a lift.

At 10.45am, Vijay was standing in front of the main terminal with a Pizza and Coke in hand. The ride cost him just Rs.199 (for the order) rather than the Rs.699, that he might have had to pay GolaCab. From a point of no hope, there he was –  Rs.500 richer and 80 mins prior to takeoff.