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Man unknowingly climbs Mount Everest while messaging on WhatsApp

24, Oct 2014 By abhishekkunal

New Delhi. A man unknowingly climbed Mount Everest while messaging on WhatsApp, and when he realized what has he done, he immediately checked into Facebook.

Though, people texting on their phones while standing like statues in the middle of busy roads is a common sight these days, this incident has really taken the trend to a new level.

You can reach anywhere, that’s the power of texting while walking.

The said person is employed with an Indian software multinational, where only way to recreate is to romance with their smartphones.

Sources tell Faking News that the software engineer was all along bitching about his project manager and client on WhatsApp as he continued walking and chatting till Mount Everest.

Last month, in an online survey, it was firmly established that smartphones were indeed the best companions of mankind, which was of course followed by alcohol. The survey was called “Blow to dogs” by many commentators.

Following the survey, the country’s research agencies were compelled to study the charisma of smartphones, and as a result of the study, majority of them have affirmed that, when its in your hand, rest of the world actually blacks out.

However, few technology infidels tried to discredit by saying that, “It merely induces sleepwalking in day time,” which was vehemently protested by Samsung and Apple.

Meanwhile the latest reports suggest that the said person was depressed even after reaching Mount Everest, because his Facebook check-in failed to attract more than 19 ‘likes’ till reports last came in.