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Manager asks for “Minutes of Toilet” after failing to get “Minutes of Meeting”

15, Jun 2014 By nikunjdosi

Mumbai. Chandrabhan (pseudonym), a passout of IIM-F (Institute of Indian Management, Farzipur), was left dumbfound earlier this week when his manager’s mail was delivered to his outlook after deleting tons of mails from

Office toilet
Chandrabhan at work, in eyes of his manager.

His manager, Suryabhan (real name), had asked him to send him “Minutes of Toilet” i.e. key points about what he had done while spending office time in toilets.

Chandrabhan told this reporter that he did expect some disciplinary action as he had ben failing to achieve his sales targets, but this was totally unexpected.

“Earlier I would be called by boss in his cabin and asked about things like time taken during lunch, average number of coffee cups per day from office machine, etc. but didn’t know this will go down to the toilet,” he told Faking News.

Chandrabhan expressed his helplessness in coming up with such report as he was not taught such a thing during his MBA. He also tried to google for a sample “minutes of toilet”, but couldn’t get any.

Faking News asked Suryabhan, the manager, about reasons behind this step. Suryabhan claimed that initially he had tried normal ways to find the reason for lower sales by Chandrabhan, but such meetings couldn’t result into anything, not even “Minutes of Meeting” documents.

“Whenever he is asked for his future sale forecasting report or his plan to achieve his sales numbers, he runs to toilet and doesn’t come out till the time I lose attention and forget about what we were talking,” the manager claimed.

“We need reports and documents if not performance,” he justified his decision, “It is not my fault if his alma mater didn’t teach his such vital tricks to survive corporate life.”