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Manchester United impressed by Doordarshan’s editing skills, to move the feed of its matches to DD

05, May 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Manchester, England: After losing another game at home to a relegation threatened team, Manchester United have requested that they be allowed to show their matches on Doordarshan across the world.

Modi Interview
The interview which impressed MU.

This request has come in light of Narendra Modi’s interview being heavily edited by DD, reportedly at the behest of Manish Tewari.

“All this ESPN, Star Sports, etc. keep showing the full match not realizing that showing the full match actually damage our image,” a spokesperson for Manchester United said.

“Basis our primary discussions with Prasar Bharti – the parent company of Doordarshan – they are willing to edit as much of our matches as they watch and if the match is not going our way, they have agreed to actually stop broadcasting the match citing ‘technical difficulties’ and play the speeches of some Rahul Gandhi person- who is apparently quite interesting.”

“They also said that they would ensure that our matches are cleansed of all communal stuff,” he continued, “whatever that means.”