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Manchester United requests Ravi Shastri to come on board as Director of Football

03, Sep 2014 By rshk18

Greater Manchester. After India’s Tuesday evening win over England, news started coming from various quarters of Manchester United requesting Ravi Shastri to join them as “Director of Football” and “oversee everything”.

The board of Manchester United is confident that Shastri is the reason behind the turn around of the Indian Cricket team. Only he knows how to turn around a team that loses everything they play on English soil, to an all-conquering squad.

“I guess, this is what the doctor ordered”

They are positive he is just what the doctor ordered. They hope that once Shastri comes on board, Rooney and Van Persie would be firing goals like tracer bullets. 

Further sources are sighting it as continuation of the conspiracy to keep him out of commentary box. Even football players don’t want him back on the television sets.

“I had just moved to my new home here in England when I heard a loud noise from my television and a man was shouting about electrifying atmosphere. I haven’t been able to get that noise out of my head ever since. Every time I am the ground, I am reminded of it. So tortured I am, I score goals just to keep my mind occupied,” Chelsea’s new signing Diego Costa was reported saying.

He hopes that United do sign him so as to never ever have to hear that sound on his television, even if it means they improve their performance.

Lets hope Manchester United succeed in their endeavours, and that at the end of the day, not only the game of cricket but also the game of football are the real winners.