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Man’s voice changes from Rafi to Reshammiya after taking bath in Delhi winter

26, Dec 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. Residents of an East Delhi colony were surprised to hear the pitch of the most famous bathroom singer in their colony change abruptly as he took a bath.

Bathroom Singer
Bathing is injurious to your singing talent.

The residents of Aparna Apartments, Geeta Colony were shocked as the crooning voice that used to wake them up in the morning turned out to be more on the lines of Himesh Reshammiya than Mohd. Rafi.

“We are used to being woken up by Tadapit Kumarji singing in his deep baritone as he takes a bath to get ready for work,” Ramesh Prasad, an old shopkeeper said. “But today, what woke us up was a thin nasal voice that sounded like it was facing an imaginary mic and was coming from someone wearing an unfashionable cap. The tone was so nasal that I almost did not wake up today.”

When approached for a comment, this Faking News reporter could hear Tadapit Kumar shivering through the door at his flat’s entrance.

“The thing is that I actually bathed today… ever since winter started I have been entering the bathroom and singing to make my family members believe that I was bathing,” he said, amid shivers. “And while singing, I would throw the bath water down the drain. But today I had an important meeting and had to actually take bath.”

Bhai Pakistani Taliban ek taraf aur Dilli ki sardi ek taraf,” Tadapit concluded.