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Maruti to launch new Wagon-R for AAP fans

24, Jan 2014 By bwoyblunder

New Delhi. Owing to the massive publicity Wagon R has received through Arvind Kejriwal and his Dharnas, Maruti has decided to cash in on this new found popularity and launch a new version of the Wagon R. Following are some of the features:

The all new Arvind Wagon R.
The all new Arvind Wagon-R.

1. Additional gear which takes precise U-Turns.

2. The car will always go to the ‘Left’, just like AAP’s economic policies.

3. Even though car goes to the left, driver always feels he is ‘right’.

4. Google navigation system replaced with “Aam Aadmi ki Aawaz” GPS system. When you are lost, not knowing where to go, activate this system and it will immediately conduct polls among people in vicinity via SMS and get their response on which direction you should take to reach your destination.

5. If there is too much traffic, car will stop and refuse to move till the road is clear (Dharna mode).

6. No airbags, in sync with Arvind Kejriwal’s no security policy.

7. No light signal will be red in color, thereby reducing Lal Batti culture.

8. Car will be available in all colors except black since black colored items are known to be malfunctioning.

9. Car will have rear view, front view, side view, and inner view cameras along with a LCD screen so that TV channels can start showing any interesting event LIVE anytime.

10. These cameras will also help in carrying out sting operations on traffic cops and catch them red handed taking bribe.