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Massive Anti-Trump protests in Bengaluru over his plans to clamp down on H1B visas

22, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Protests and marches are being held across the world against the newly elected American President, Donald Trump. Now India has also joined the list of countries protesting against Trump with a huge protest march in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru. While most of the protests in other countries are focused on women’s rights, Indian protest is about defending IT engineers’ right to an H1B visa.

Anti-Trump protests, Now in Bengaluru

“Getting an H1B visa to US is the ambition of every IT engineer. The whole purpose of going through 4 yrs of grueling schedule is to get an American visa and now Trump wants to restrict that? He is killing all our dreams and aspirations and we can’t allow that to happen”, a techie leading the protest in Bengaluru said.

He added, “He wants to give preference to the engineers graduating from American schools. What sort of fascism and racism is that? Donald Trump must be removed ASAP before he attacks our right to H1B.”

The IT Engineers leading the protest are now planning to form an alliance with call center employees. “Unless Trump backs off, we will ensure that all Americans get wrong solutions for their problems whenever they call a call center”, our source inside the protest movement said.