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Massive power cut in Amethi and Rae Bareli after Mamata withdraws support

18, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Amethi. Residents living in the urban areas of Amethi and in Rae Bareli suddenly found themselves in darkness around 8.30 PM tonight, minutes after Mamata Banerjee announced that her party was withdrawing support from the UPA government.

“We were having dinner and watching television when electricity went off,” said local resident Rajat Gupta, who was forced to venture out to buy candles and Odomos (mosquito repellent cream) after waiting for electricity for over an hour.

Hitler Didi
Zee TV was airing ‘Hitler Didi’ when lights went off

Shocked at this abnormal power cut, Rajat called up his aunt living in Rae Bareli, who confirmed that there was no electricity in her locality too. However, both were shocked to know that there was no power cut in fellow VVIP districts like Mainpuri, Kannauj, Rampur, and Etawah – which are exempted from power cuts.

“We immediately knew that the power cut had something to do with politics, just like lack of power cuts were totally political,” Ramesh said, “I checked news on All India Radio and came to know that Mamata Banerjee had announced withdrawal of support from the central government.”

“That explained it,” Ramesh, also a political expert like many in Uttar Pradesh, “After Mamata’s exist, Mulayam’s stature and importance had grown. Maybe these power cuts were ordered to show Sonia Gandhi who was in command.”

“But why Amethi?” he wondered, “Rahul Gandhi is anyway not going to get these subtle hints! And people like Digvijay Singh will confuse him and claim that the power cut in Amethi meant that he was not any ordinary VVIP but a special VVVIP.”