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MBA aspirant forces himself to take interest in Budget

28, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Ravi Gupta, who got 95.47 percentile in CAT this year, has forced himself to follow each and every stuff about the Union Budget and is trying to convince himself that he has got everything right.

“Now that I’d be studying MBA, I should know about these things as I could be managing similar affairs soon,” an optimistic Ravi told Faking News.

“I think I can understand”

Hopeful of gaining entry into one of the top b-schools of India and then getting a job straight out of the campus where he’d be making decisions based on economic indicators, Ravi listened to every sentence of the Budget speech very carefully.

“Last time I was so focused was when I watched Inception during my engineering days,” Ravi revealed.

Ravi insisted that the “real budget” was beyond income tax slabs or what commodity became costlier or cheaper.

“Those are for people who don’t get real details like fiscal deficit, debt financing, and current account convertibility,” the aspiring MBA student declared.

Ghanta!” an alumnus of Ravi’s engineering college currently in his first year of the job post MBA reacted to Ravi’s comments, “I too cared about those things earlier, but all that I cared this year was about home loan rates.”

Ravi was updating his Facebook status claiming an ‘inflationary budget’ when reports last came in.