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MBA chews up report after CEO calls everything in his presentation “low hanging fruit”

12, Aug 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai. A management intern at a consulting firm had to be admitted to hospital after he chewed up his summer internship presentation completely.

Minutes before Tadapit ate it.
Tadapit later showed desire to it this ‘low hanging fruit’ as well

The incident apparently happened after the CEO – to whom the intern had presented his 45-slides long ppt – ridiculed his presentation and called everything that he had presented “incredibly low hanging fruit that even my pet donkey could have thought of”.

HR officials at the company were unsure whether Tadapit Kumar – the MBA intern in question – was being sarcastic or was just incredibly stupid after he munched on the printouts of his report.

“He came from one of the newer IIMs, where we went for recruitment primarily because the CEO’s wife’s friend’s dogwalker’s husband is the Placement Convener there,” an HR representative told Faking News on condition of anonymity.

“So I don’t think he was trying to be sarcastic; he can’t do something that may put off the PlaceCom. I think he had never heard the phrase ‘low hanging fruit’ before, or maybe he was extremely hungry,” the HR representative added.

Tadapit was later admitted to a local hospital where doctors declared him out of danger in a flowchart.

“MBA types reports in general, and internship reports in particular, tend to cause short term damage only; the long term damage from them is usually minimal. Mostly because of lack of content, I mean, poisonous content,” a doctor said.

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