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MBA intern critical after trying to eat pie chart from a presentation

25, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: A B-Schooler interning for a consulting firm had to be admitted to a hospital after he allegedly tried to eat the pie chart from a presentation made by the CEO, mistaking it for real food.

A pie chart showing the percentage of pie chart the intern ate.
A pie chart showing the percentage of pie chart the intern ate.

The incident reportedly happened at the induction ceremony organized by the firm in question for the summer interns it had picked up from B-Schools across India.

“His name was Tadapit Kumar and he had joined us from one of the IIMs,” a senior HR executive in the firm said. “Apparently he had never seen a pie chart before in his life and thought it was real food. He leapt at the projector screen and started to chew it up.”

One of Tadapit’s fellow interns however, had a slightly different story to tell. “The CEO had been going on and on about the pie chart for hours on end,” the fellow intern said, on condition of anonymity. “I think it was more of a case of powerpoint poisoning… Tadapit merely leapt at the CEO with the mouth open so that he might shut up but ended up falling with his mouth open on the projector screen.”

“All of us were half asleep anyway,” the fellow intern added. “The incident woke most of us up. But two interns kept sleeping even after the incident.”