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Mechanical engineer caught dating a girl, police suspect fake degree case

27, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Delhi: On Saturday evening, Delhi police arrested a guy over fake degree case. Deepak Singhal, a mechanical engineer from a Noida based engineering college, was seen with a girl at a coffee shop at central park, Connaught Place.


According to Faking News sources, Deepak’s college colleague informed Delhi Police about Deepak’s whereabouts. Police without wasting much time reached the site and arrested him. DSP Mr. Anil spoke to Faking News about the incident. Mr. Anil said “If a mechanical engineer is seen with a girl, there are two possibilities either the girl is his sister or his degree is fake. After initial investigation we got to know that the girl wasn’t his sister so we are expecting that it’s a fake degree case”.

Deepak has been asked to submit his provisional degrees and other documents within three working days. Deepak has also been asked not to leave the city. This is not the first case when somebody has been caught over fake degree case. AAP leader Jitender Singh Tomar was caught with fake law degree case. Tomar was caught when he tried a case for his friend but didn’t charge him. Seeing a lawyer not charge fee for his services, Police suspected his degree was fake as a genuine lawyer would even charge himself for his own divorce case.

Deepak’s friend Aman is still not ready to believe that Deepak was with a girl. Aman said “We used to say that Deepak got mechanical branch only because of his surname. It’s not just a coincidence. I am sure he’ll be proven innocent.

Whether Deepak will be proven guilty or will he break the stereotype that surrounds mechanical engineers, time will tell. Till then keep reading Faking News.