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Men freed from bonded labor join Congress

27, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 12 men who returned to India last week after freed from a bonded labor contract in Middle East, have taken the primary membership of the Congress party, sources tell Faking News.

“They were stuck with their parasite employers from over a decade. Although they were happy to be back home, they were not sure what to do with their professional skills that they had acquired after a decade of bonded labor,” confirmed a representative of a placement agency who advised the men to join Congress.

Rahul Gandhi
The men are happy with their new identities

“Well, once you are accustomed to following orders from high command without questioning or applying your own mind, I think Congress is the only place where you are strategic fit,” the representative said.

When asked why did he not suggest these men to join BJP and become blind supporters of Narendra Modi, the representative said that he did consider that option too.

“Blind supporters of Narendra Modi are not much different from bonded laborers of Congress, but there is no such official position in the offline world. I was looking for employment options beyond Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

“Also, Congress is secular. You never know that these guys might have become communal after being in Middle East,” he added.

The 12 men, now Congress workers, have expressed happiness at their new job and confirmed that they were feeling at home.

“Rahul Gandhi zindabad!” one of them said when this reporter asked if he thought Indian economy was doing better than that of the Middle Eastern countries.