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Men staring at a woman get job offers from NASA

13, Jul 2014 By aniesh

Washington. To find a new constellation, a group of NASA scientists have selected Indian men to work in their laboratory.

“As per our initial research, the possibility of constellation being in shape of a woman is quite probable,” claimed a scientist who was working to find the constellation.

Indian Men
An example.

When asked about the selection criteria for the programme, the scientist said, “While travelling in Delhi Metro, we saw couple of Indian men staring at a woman throughout their journey for 1 hour without even blinking their eyes, this was the reason that we selected those men.”

“Indian men have natural capability for staring at women, this gives them an added advantage in getting this job,” explained the scientist heading the project.

The project was to start next month as there were some training procedures required, but scientists claim that they can start it by next week because the participants are already highly skilled.

“Some of the men can actually be in Guinness Book of World Records for staring continuously for hours,” quipped another scientist from the group.